Goddess Circle

Are you ready to connect with your inner goddess?


If that's an “Oh Goddess - YES!”, I invite you to join an amazing group of women and me from around the world in The Goddess Solution Monthly Circle. This is a free monthly circle that meets on the New Moon each month via Zoom to take inspiration from an ancient goddess and talk about how to apply her wisdom to everyday life, meditate, and journal together. 

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Upcoming Goddess

Circle Schedule

Tuesday, Sep 7th, 7 PM EST

Prioritize pleasure & play

Wednesday, Oct 6th, 7 PM EST


Love your body
* Part of a free 5-day training

Thursday, Nov 4th, 7 PM EST


Tap into your inner wisdom

Sunday, Dec 5th, 4 PM EST


Breaking through the status quo


As a Member of the Circle,

you'll get:

  • Monthly Live discussion via Zoom that includes: Meditation, group discussion, and co-journaling.

  • Private FB group to continue the discussion with an amazing group of women from around the world. 

  • Access to free events and workshops to invoke your inner goddess. 

are you ready to feel like a goddess?

"Lilith asks you to protect your independence and stay true to your soul's calling. While you may have cultivated agreeability and people-pleasing to get along in the world, you are also strong and fierce. You get to have a voice. You can change your mind. You can chart your own course."

Lisa Marie Rankin,The Goddess Solution