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About Me

Hey there, sister!

My name is Lisa Marie Rankin and I'm an author, teacher, and Ayurvedic wellness coach. I make wisdom from ancient traditions accessible so women can nourish their bodies, prioritize pleasure, and access their inner wisdom to improve their health, relationships, career, and more. 

My approach to wellness is different because it's based on the belief that if you want to optimize your health, you can't just focus on your body. You need to nourish your mind and spirit too. And the best way to restore vitality, find clarity, and increase radiance is through Ayurveda and Divine Feminine healing.

My book, The Goddess Solution, is a practical spiritual guide published by HarperCollins that teaches women how to apply goddess wisdom to modern-day malaise like sex, money, parenting, divorce, and more. 

I hold an MBA and MS from Bentley University, and I completed my Ayurveda training under Katie Silcox at The Shakti School. 


I live right outside of Boston with my two children, a dog, and a rabbit. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, snorkeling, and spending time with Mama Nature. 

Have a question or want to connect? Drop me a line at

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