Hello, love! Here you'll find some of my current offerings and ways to connect. 

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Goddess Circles

This is a free monthly circle that meets on the first Sunday every month via Zoom to take inspiration from an ancient goddess and talk about how to apply her wisdom to everyday life, meditate, and journal together. 


Live Like A Goddess

This 8-week program is for spirit-seeking women looking to begin a new chapter feeling healthy, radiant, and divine.  I'll teach you how to reclaim your feminine power through sisterhood, science, and sacred practices.


1:1 Coaching

If you are looking to break through the status quo and manifest the life you really want let's work together in 1:1 coaching to optimize body, mind, and spirit. 


1:1 Goddess Alignment Coaching

You'll get a 45-minute-coaching session and goddess reading. This is perfect if you need 1:1 guidance to approach a situation or if you just need help shifting to a more empowering perspective.