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day 4: Sankalpa

“Do the work, plant the seed, and believe that it will grow. After you have done these things, it's time to just let go.”
 Deepak Chopra, On My Way to a Happy Life

Now that you've released what is no longer serving you, it's time to consider how you want to evolve. You've sowed the soil, and now it's time to plant the seeds. You can do this by creating a Sankalpa.

A Sankalpa is an intention formed by the heart and mind. It is a vow or determination. It is a one-pointed resolve to focus both physically and spiritually on a specific goal that's aligned with what you really desire. It's a short, positive statement of intent. It could be something you want to heal, achieve, create, or transform. When your Sankalpa is realized, not only may you have received material benefits, but you'll also be closer to your highest self. 


Day 4 Practice

I provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create a Sankalpa in your workbook. I've also provided some examples. Take some time today to craft your Sankalpa.


Consider: Who do you want to become? How do you want to feel?

Your Sankalpa doesn't need to be perfect. It's more important to start planting the seeds of your new intention. 


Share Your Sankalpa

This is the activation part! Share your Sankalpa with the FB group below the Day 4 Video


Today's Talk

I'll see you in the FB group today at 3 PM EST to discuss Sankalpas and answer any questions you have about creating one. 

Reserve Your Spot for the Closing Ceremony and Workshop

I'm offering a free workshop to close out this challenge, "Step Into Your Feminine Power," where I'll teach you how to increase your vitality, confidence, and connection. There are two dates to choose from:

Friday, May 14th at 12 PM EST
Sunday, May 16th at 2 PM EST

Reserve Your Spot!

The challenge workbook includes the daily practices and writing prompts.

I'll be offering a free workshop "Step Into Your Feminine Power." Please select a date to attend. 

"At every moment, a woman makes the choice between the state of the queen and the state of a slave girl." ~ Marianne Williamson
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