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day 3: Energetic cords

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” ~ Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

As women, we have a tendency to hold on to things. We are physically designed to hold - we have wombs. Though sometimes, we hold on to energetic attachments that are no longer serving us. Often this could be from a previous romantic relationship, friendship, or even a family member. This is called a cord attachment.

There are energetic cords that attach you to people you've been in a relationship with. As you go through life and learn to embrace your goddess energy, you'll want to free yourself from these attachments that drain you so that you can move on with light and love.

You know when an attachment is no longer serving you because you feel drained, anxious, or preoccupied. We can cut these energetic cords through a visualization meditation, freeing us from connections that don't strengthen us. 


Day 3 Practice

Today, we're going to practice a meditation that is particularly useful for getting over a relationship, whether it's with a lover, family member, or friend. Get in a quiet spot and listen to the meditation below. 





Share Your Experience

Let us know about your experience with the meditation in FB group below the Day 3 Video. Tell us: If you were free from this attachment, what would you be able to do?


Today's Talk

I'll see you in the FB group today at 3 PM EST to discuss cord attachments and tell you what Tantra has to say about energetic cords formed through sex. 

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"At every moment, a woman makes the choice between the state of the queen and the state of a slave girl." ~ Marianne Williamson
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