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Lisa Marie Rankin is an engaging and inspiring speaker who motivates women to live their best lives by caring for their bodies, prioritizing pleasure, and connecting with the divine. Lisa Marie shares wisdom from myths, Ayurveda, and ancient and modern practices in a straightforward and friendly style to guide women to reignite their feminine power so that they feel healthy, radiant, and inspired. 


These offerings are available both live and online.

Your Body is Your Guru

Lisa explains that while our body is transient and our spirit is not, it's no less important than the spirit — it's the gateway to it. Rather than shaming the body or getting it to conform to ever-changing and unrealistic societal ideals, we can honor it and treat it with reverence and gratitude. The body has wisdom to share, but we need to listen to it. Lisa shares Ayurvedic practices and rituals to optimize health, boost radiance, and feel divine.

Finding Magic in Mid-Life

In this talk, Lisa Marie uses goddess archetypes to show women how they can continue to evolve, shape-shift, and birth new creations throughout life. Mid-life is not a time to fear. It's a time to drop the masks and become the most authentic, radiant, inspired version of you. 

What Ancient Wisdom Has to Say About Sex

Lisa Marie explains what Ayurveda and ancient traditions have to say about sex and shares practices that can help women embrace their sexuality and ignite their feminine power. Women will learn that their sexual energy is also their spiritual and creative energy. Eroticism is not contained to a sexual partner - it is a way of life. 

How to Attract the Relationship You Really Want

In this interactive workshop, Lisa Marie helps women uncover the limiting beliefs they hold that may prevent them from attracting the relationship they really want. Women will learn about the dynamics of attraction, attachment theory, and how to lighten up and let go to make room for more love and connection.



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