As a goddess educator, Lisa Marie teaches that when we start to connect with our goddess energy, we operate from a place of love, kindness, and sovereignty. We learn to take responsibility for our health, happiness, and overall wellbeing, without depending on outside factors, like relationships, material goods, or external appearances. We can invoke our inner goddess to tap into pleasure and creativity, as well as our strength and wisdom. All these energies already exist within us - we just need to remember them.


These offerings are available both live and online.

Invoke Your Inner Goddess

In this talk, I share how reconnecting to my goddess energy greatly improved my life and offer tips on how others can access their inner goddess. We'll learn about three ancient goddesses: Kali for transformation, Parvati for love, and Saraswati for creativity. The session will end with journaling exercises and a short meditation. Participants will leave empowered and inspired, with actional steps to invoke their inner goddess.

Goddess Circle - Ongoing Study Group

Each week we will take inspiration from a different goddess. We'll talk about how to apply the goddess's wisdom to our lives and identify real-life situations where we can use our learnings. We will hold each other accountable for living in our true goddess nature. This intimate circle will help women to add more pleasure and creativity in their life, as well as get the support they need to develop and use their strength and wisdom.  

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