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Your goddess is Hathor


My radiance is illuminated by the pleasure I experience and invoke.

Prioritize Pleasure


Hathor is one of the most beloved Egyptian goddesses. She is the goddess of beauty, love, and women's health. Hathor spent her days dancing, enjoying fine foods, and making love (she's my kind of goddess!). She was present whenever women beautified themselves and made sure that her sister goddess enjoyed good health and fine things. Hathor wore kohl eyeliner and beautiful gowns. Though she's a physically beautiful goddess, it's not just her looks that make her beautiful - it's the life she lived.


How to Connect with Hathor

You can connect with the goddess Hathor to prioritize pleasure and add more joy and playfulness to your life. Today, spend some time dancing as you get ready for your day or while you make dinner after work. Move your hips. Undulate. Dance like a goddess.


Pleasure helps you to boost your energy, build resiliency, and add more joy to your life. It’s an essential ingredient to living a mythic life!

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Are you a spirit-seeking woman ready to live a mythic life?

Well then, welcome, sister!

My name is Lisa Marie, and I'm so glad you made it here!

I'm an author, teacher, and Ayurvedic wellness coach. I help women restore their vitality and magnify their radiance through Ayurveda and ancient goddess wisdom.

Your mythic life starts here. Onward!

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