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Reclaim Your Desires

to live like a goddess



Have you ever thought, "Is this as good as it gets?" Only to quickly rebuke yourself by responding, "I should be grateful. Things are good enough."

Well, my sister, you're not meant for "good enough." When you identify and take ownership of your desires, you let the goddess know that you're ready to play big and live with synchronicity and magic.


In this Masterclass, I'll guide you through an inner journey to:

  • Review key areas of your life

  • Imagine what fulfillment in these areas looks like

  • Identify who you need to be to get to where you want to go

  • Pinpoint what steps to take NOW to bring you closer to your desires

You'll leave this Masterclass with clarity, purpose, and enthusiasm to reclaim your desires and live like a goddess. 

Choose from two different dates. Please show up live - there will not be a replay! When you show up live, you'll also receive my inner goddess meditation and journal prompts to guide you toward your dreams. 

Register below to receive the Zoom link and your workbook.
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I help spirit-seeking women identify their desires, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop self-worth so they can manifest love, abundance, and joy.

My approach to transformation is different because it's based on the premise that the best way to create the life you really want is through ancient goddess wisdom.

The goddess isn't a deity outside of yourself - she's an aspect of your highest self.  YOU ARE THE GODDESS!

With love,

Lisa Marie xx

"At every moment, a woman makes the choice between the state of the queen and the state of a slave girl." ~ Marianne Williamson

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