Become the most radiant person you know. 

Hey there - I'm Lisa Marie

I can help you become the most radiant person you know through yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry. By reuniting body, mind, and spirit you can improve your health, relationships, and peace of mind. 

Let's get started!

I'm a writer and speaker, as well as a yoga and mindfulness teacher. Here's how I can help...

Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Practices

Livestream yoga and meditation classes to keep you physically and spiritually fit. 

Connect with your inner goddess in my private FB group.

Personal essays to inspire you to live your life with passion, ease, and creativity.

Goddess Wisdom for Modern Life


A Goddess for Invoking Abundance and Finding Your Purpose

Green Tara

A Goddess for Fostering Kindness and Compassion


A Goddess for Breaking Down Old Structures and Inviting the New

"We can make ourselves miserable, or we can make ourselves strong. The amount of effort is the same."

Pema Chödrön

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You can contact me by giving me a call at 617.283.4999 or sending an email to


May you be happy. May you be healthy.
May you be safe. May you live with ease.


With loving kindness,

Lisa Marie

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