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Autumn Leaves

Fall Equinox Yoga & Self-Care
Home Retreat

Yoga * Meditation * Ayurveda * Self-care

Let's celebrate the onset of fall through a grounding Vinyasa yoga practice that includes meditation, mantra, and pranayama. 

Then, learn Ayurvedic self-care practices, recipes, and DIY skincare to help you feel nourished this season. 


Sunday, Oct. 2nd, from 11 - 1:30 PM EST


Routine for the seasons

The goal of Ayurveda, an Ancient Indian health system that looks to optimize healthy by holistically caring for body, mind, and spirit, is to reconnect to the natural rhythms of nature and our bodies.

Ritucharya is a Sanskrit word that means "seasonal routine." We can better align with nature when we recognize a season's qualities and adjust our routines, so we're working with nature rather than against it. This helps us to optimize our health, energy levels, and overall well-being. 

In this workshop, I'll share practices to help you adjust your routine for the windy, dry, and cool nature of the fall so you can feel warm, grounded, and at ease.

Will I see you there? 

Lisa Marie's goal is to make you feel good about yourself, educate everyone on how to continually evolve, but also love who you are right now. She brings a lightness of being and gentle guidance to every class.

~ Beth

Lisa’s diverse array of essays, yoga classes, and workshops each exhibit her extensive knowledge in Ayurvedic studies and Goddess Wisdom as she emphasizes, promotes, and encourages self-care and self-discovery.

~ Kristin

Lisa Marie has a teaching style that is very personal and effective. I was very new to meditation, and she taught us in a calm and engaging manner. She is a wonderful writer, sharing her learnings in a very personal way. 

~ Sharon

A personal invite from Lisa Marie

Hey there ~

My name is Lisa Marie, and I'm an author, teacher, and Ayurvedic wellness coach. I help women optimize their health by nurturing and strengthening their bodies, minds, and spirits.


I'm so excited to share some tools that will help you reconnect with and nourish your body so that you can feel warm, grounded, and joyful this fall. 

I'll see you there!


Lisa Marie


are you ready to celebrate the fall?

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